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kdef aims to provide an easy way to manage resources in a Kafka cluster by having them defined explicitly in a human-readable format. Changes to resource definitions can be reviewed like code and applied to a cluster.

kdef was designed to support being run in a CI-CD environment, allowing teams to manage Kafka resource definitions in source control with pull requests (GitOps).



  • Definition support for:
    • Topics
    • ACLs
    • Per-broker configs
    • Cluster-wide broker configs
  • YAML and JSON definition formats
  • TLS and SASL mechanisms (PLAIN, SCRAM, AWS_MSK_IAM)
  • CLI scripting support (input via stdin, JSON output, etc.)


kdef uses Kafka broker APIs. These are the minimum Kafka versions required to apply each definition kind.

  • acl (Kafka 0.11.0+)
  • broker (Kafka 0.11.0+)
  • brokers (Kafka 0.11.0+)
  • topic (Kafka 2.4.0+)