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kdef sources configuration in the following ways.

Config file

kdef attempts to source configuration from a file named config.yml in the current working directory. Override this default behaviour by specifying the path to a file with the --config-path global option.

The easiest way to create a configuration file for your cluster is to run through the short interactive prompt.

kdef configure

Environment variables

kdef attempts to source configuration from KDEF__ prefixed environment variables. Environment variables override config file configuration.

KDEF__SASL__METHOD="aws_msk_iam" \
kdef export topic

Command-line options

kdef attempts to source configuration from the -X command-line option. Command-line supplied configuration overrides both config file configuration and environment variables.

kdef export topic \
  -X, \
  -X alterConfigsMethod=incremental \
  -X tls.enabled=true \
  -X sasl.method=aws_msk_iam


  • seedBrokers ([]string)

    One or more seed broker addresses. The default value is localhost:9092.

  • tls (TLSConfig)

  • sasl (SASLConfig)

  • timeoutMs (int)

    Timeout in milliseconds for API requests that support timeouts. The default value is 5000.

  • alterConfigsMethod (string)

    The method to use when altering configs. Must be one of auto, incremental, non-incremental. The default value is auto.

    Kafka 2.3.0+ supports "incremental alter configs," an improved API for altering configs. When set to auto, kdef detects what the cluster supports and use incremental if available. Setting incremental or non-incremental saves an API call to determine what the cluster supports.

    Note that if the cluster contains brokers with a mix of Kafka versions, some Kafka 2.3.0+ and some Kafka <2.3.0, then non-incremental should be used.


  • enabled (bool)

    Set to true if connecting to cluster brokers requires TLS. The default value is false.

  • caCertPath (string)

    Path to a CA cert.

  • clientCertPath (string)

    Path to a client cert.

  • clientKeyPath (string)

    Path to a client key.

  • serverName (string)

    Set if connecting via TLS requires a distinct server name. When connecting via TLS, by default the client uses the hostname or IP address of the connected broker as the TLS server name.


  • method (string)

    The required SASL method. Must be one of plain, scram-sha-256, scram-sha-512, aws-msk-iam.

  • user (string)

    SASL username.

  • pass (string)

    SASL password.

  • isToken (bool)

    Set to true if the SASL is from a delegation token.



The following configuration can be used to access clusters on Confluent Cloud.

  - ""
  - ""
  - ""
timeoutMs: 5000
  enabled: true
  method: plain
  user: alice
  pass: alice-secret

Amazon MSK

The following configuration can be used to access an Amazon MSK cluster with IAM Access Control enabled.

  - ""
  - ""
  - ""
timeoutMs: 10000
  enabled: true
  method: aws_msk_iam

When executing kdef, the AWS SDK must be instructed as to where credentials can be sourced. See here for further documentation.

AWS_SDK_LOAD_CONFIG=1 AWS_PROFILE=my-profile kdef export topic