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Apply definitions to a Kafka cluster.


kdef apply <definitions>... [options]
kdef apply - [options]

<definitions>... represents one or more glob patterns matching the paths of definitions to apply. Directories matching patterns are ignored.

- instructs kdef to read definitions from stdin.


kdef uses Kafka broker APIs. These are the minimum Kafka versions required to apply each definition kind.

  • acl (Kafka 0.11.0+)
  • broker (Kafka 0.11.0+)
  • brokers (Kafka 0.11.0+)
  • topic (Kafka 2.4.0+)


Apply all definitions in directory "topics" (dry-run).

kdef apply "topics/*.yml" --dry-run

Apply definitions in all directories under "resources" (dry-run).

kdef apply "resources/**/*.yml" --dry-run

Apply a topic definition from stdin (dry-run).

cat topics/my_topic.yml | kdef apply - --dry-run


  • --format / -f (string)

    Resource definition format. Must be either yaml or json. The default value is yaml.

  • --dry-run / -d (bool)

    Validate and review the operation only. The default value is false.

  • --exit-code / -e (bool)

    Implies --dry-run and causes the program to exit with 1 if there are unapplied changes and 0 otherwise. The default value is false.

  • --json-output / -j (bool)

    Implies --quiet and outputs JSON apply results. The default value is false.


            "local": object, // local definition
            "remote": object, // remote definition
            "data": null|object, // additional data
            "diff": string,
            "error": string,
            "applied": bool
    For definition and additional data schemas see the documentation for each definition.

  • --continue-on-error / -c (bool)

    Applying resource definitions is not interrupted if there are errors. The default value is false.

  • --reass-await-timeout / -r (int)

    Time in seconds to wait for topic partition reassignments to complete before timing out. The default value is 0.

    Changes to partition assignments will be reflected immediately by Kafka. However, partition reassignment operations will be queued internally and may take time to complete. While reassignment operations are in progress for a topic, Kafka rejects further partition changes.

    By default kdef does not wait for reassignment operations to complete and exits immediately. Optionally, kdef can be instructed with this option to await the completion of partition reassignments.

  • --prop-override / -P ([]string)

    Definition property override for overridable properties (e.g. -P topic.spec.managedAssignments.balance=all). This is a repeatable option.

    Overridable properties:

    • topic.spec.managedAssignments.balance
    • topic.spec.maintainLeaders

Global options

  • -no-color (bool)

    Disable colored output. The default value is false.

  • --quiet / -q (boolean)

    Enable quiet mode (output errors only). The default value is false.

  • --verbose / -v (boolean)

    Enable debug output. The default value is false.

  • --config-path / -p (string)

    Path to configuration file. Defaults to a file named config.yml in the current working directory.

  • --config-opt / -X ([]string)

    Option provided configuration (e.g. -X timeoutMs=6000). This is a repeatable option.